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6 Pack - Acoustic Sound Absorption Blanket

6 Pack - Acoustic Sound Absorption Blanket
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Product Description

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Acoustic Sound Absorption Blanket, with Easy Hang Options

6 Pack (includes 6 individual blankets)



  • Good for economical sound proofing or acoustic dampening
  • Each blanket measures 76" x 68"
  • Use it over Windows, Doors, Walls or other Leaky areas

An economical sound proof solution for noisy garage bands, basements, apartments, schools, churches, stage and studio applications. Use over walls, windows or doors. An economic method of reducing reverberant noise in industrial or architectural environments.
Designed to improve the acoustical conditions of an area by introducing sound absorptive materials into an otherwise reflective environment.
Can be used with other acoustic treatment for more aggressive sound proofing.

Easily installed and removed

Can be washed or steam cleaned


Pro-Clip for hanging (includes 4 Pro-Clips)

Grommets for easy hanging (includes Grommets / Eyelets across the top for hanging)